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July 15 2013

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sagittarius, style, fashion

Image size: 500x343
7667 75a8
bikini, heart, blue

Image size: 480x480
4437 8d44
art, black, cat

Image size: 474x474
4293 2843
black, blue, coat

Image size: 500x334
4294 f6ac
beach, beauty, explore

Image size: 400x400
4296 e52f
boy, girly, perfect

Image size: 400x400
0858 c55b
lovely, monster, mike

Image size: 640x360
7689 7ac5
blazer, bracelets, blouse

Image size: 700x467
7690 9f51
charm bracelet, bell, red

Image size: 800x800
6745 75ed
balloon, cup, flowers

Image size: 600x450
6747 070a
fashion, it bag, style

Image size: 612x612
6749 8b53
blue, doorway, photography

Image size: 600x897

July 14 2013

4532 58c8
cheveux, rouge, beaute

Image size: 500x350
4533 d931
cute, garden, photo

Image size: 500x746
4534 43f8
black and white, flowers, photo

Image size: 500x333
4535 66a0
cakes, cool, coffee

Image size: 400x267
3210 c27e
disney, eric, ariel

Image size: 480x545
3213 89ca
animal, love, beutiful

Image size: 500x625
4536 1156
girl, heart, love

Image size: 500x433
3216 3279
beautiful, hair, cute

Image size: 500x334
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